Location and dates


21-22 JANUARY 2025



Mandatory submission deadlines


ALL stand plans need to be submitted to igbstandplans@clariongaming.com

Submission of Complex Stand Plans - 11/12/2023 (incl stand plan design form)

Submission of Non-Complex Stand Plans - 08/01/2024 (incl stand plan design form)



Form can be downloaded here - deadline in line with stand plan deadlines


Site Induction Form - 02/02/2024 (ASAP)


Overview of what to submit within your stand plan submission

  • All plans, calculations and documentations must be in English and should clearly state the exhibiting companies name, stand number and the contact name and company of the contractor responsible for the stand
  • Include all dimensions
  • Please make sure your client has permission from Clarion Gaming for any suspended elements. Your plans will not be approved if they include suspended elements without the appropriate permission from the Organiser.
  • Detail all building materials to be used
  • Show a ground plan and an elevation drawing
  • Any inflatable’s must be included on the plans
  • Details must prove the structural stability
  • A detailed risk and method statement
  • Insurance certificate for up to £2m
  • Fire certificates for fabric banners/ plants etc
  • Positioning of DJ booths
  • Details of special risks to include vehicle exhibitors
  • Approval for a stand from a previous show will not be accepted as proof of approval and plans must be re-submitted for every show
  • Approval must not be assumed until written approval is received from the Floor Manager, Alan Hazelhurst.
  • When written approval has been received for the original design, no alteration may be made without the approval of the Floor Manager, Alan Hazelhurst.

What makes your stand complex?

Click here to see our overview of all the elements that would deem your stand Complex. If you have any questions on this - please reach out to our Customer Success team!


Elevate Your Event with Unmatched Audio Visual Excellence from EventPro!

EventPro are your ultimate destination for top-tier audio visual technology equipment rental, tailored to suit every occasion. From a modest PA system to a grand-scale technical production that leaves a lasting impression, their dedicated team possesses the expertise, resources, and finesse to bring your vision to life. With utmost professionalism, they deliver, install, and orchestrate the latest tech solutions, ensuring a seamless experience that aligns with your timeline and budget.

What sets EventPro apart is their unwavering commitment to a personalized partnership. Each service they provide is meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs, reflecting their dedication to excellence. Whether it's a dynamic conference, captivating exhibition, enlightening seminar, prestigious awards ceremony, captivating product launch, cutting-edge hybrid streaming, or intricate software and I.T. integration, they've got you covered.

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You can also order online with the below:-

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For More Information Feel Free to Contact :-

Carl Wilkes|EventPro

T:0044 (0) 1827 250500


hiredesk@eventproav.co.uk / cwilkes@eventproav.co.uk

Deadline order date: 24th January 2024 (20% surcharge will be charged for orders after this date)


All types of flooring are available for hire through GES. All orders can be placed onlinehere.

Please note that all floor flats and platforms must be finished with a securely fixed metal or plastic edging trim. If you are shell scheme, please note that the interior dimensions of your stand may be slightly less than the dimensions of the stand booked. This is due to the system that is used to build shell scheme stands.

Advanced Rate Deadline:- 8th January 2024 (Normal rates/ on-site rates will be applied after this date)


Any food or drink consumed on the stand MUST be purchased through the venue’s appointed catering company. Experience a delectable journey where all your food and beverage desires are met through the esteemed catering partner, ExCeL London Hospitality. As the exclusive supplier of on-site consumables, they offer a duo of services tailored to elevate your event experience.

  • Exhibitor Hospitality: Crafted for elegance and ease, discover a comprehensive range of catering solutions. all under the umbrella of Exhibitor Hospitality. This all-inclusive service embodies sophistication and convenience, complete with glassware, crockery, essential equipment, and a dedicated staff element to ensure seamless service delivery. Perfect for any venue location (space availability permitting), this service can be reserved directly through the ELH team. However unique your requirements, ExCeL's team is adept at curating bespoke packages to fulfill your vision.

The Highlights:

  • Explore an extensive selection from the main hospitality planner.
  • Enjoy a full-service experience, including setup by a courteous staff member.
  • Additional staff can be arranged for on-site stand presence during service.
  • Revel in the inclusion of crockery, cutlery, glassware, napkins, condiments, and more.
  • Rest assured with a designated event manager on call for your peace of mind.
  • After your gastronomic journey, the stand is meticulously cleared down.

For inquiries, reach out to: ExCeL London Hospitality - T: +44 (0) 207 069 4100 / Email:sales@excelhospitality.london

  • Exhibitor Stand Catering: Swift and savory for a hassle-free, no-fuss approach to catering, delve into the convenience of Exhibitor Stand Catering. This drop-and-go service provides online 'shop'-style ordering, ensuring your selections are conveniently delivered to your stand at your preferred time. While this offering doesn't include setup, staff, or post-consumption cleaning, it brings an array of individual items, from sandwich platters to celebratory champagne. You even have the option to choose disposable accompaniments to complement your fare.

The Highlights:

  • Dive into easy online ordering, tailored to your stand's specific needs.
  • Items are delivered on disposable trays, keeping convenience at the forefront.
  • Select from a diverse range of individual food items, satisfying every palate.
  • Enhance your choices with disposable accessories available for purchase. Note: Setup, staff, clearing, and cleaning are not included with this service. For comprehensive assistance, refer to our Hospitality services

At ExCeL London, your culinary desires take center stage, whether through the elegance of Exhibitor Hospitality or the quick convenience of Exhibitor Stand Catering. Indulge in the gastronomic delights, and make your event truly exceptional.

Please note that if any external catering is used without consent from the venue, charges will be levied directly to you. Any buyout fees applied by the ExCeL London post event as a result of supplying your own stand catering will be passed directly on to the Exhibitor to settle directly with ExCeL.

We strongly recommend you use internal catering however if you chose to source your own catering supplies, it is essential that all corkage fees are agreed upon in advance to avoid any additional fees.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contactsales@excelhospitality.london

Advanced Rate Deadline: 5th January 2024 (Normal rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)




The gangways and public areas will be cleaned and vacuumed outside exhibition open hours. After the show closes each day you must ensure you place any rubbish bags or empty boxes for disposal in the gangways next to your stand. This applies for both space only and package stands however please read the information below carefully to book additional cleaning.

Package Stands

Package stands (Branded AMP and Basic Stands) will be cleaned before your first conference day as part of your shell scheme package. If you require cleaning of your stand after the first day of the conference this will need to be booked and paid by the exhibitor directly with the venue. You can book additional cleaning from the venue by contacting:

Cleaning Services @ ExCeL - T: +44 (0) 207 063 4400

Order online :ExCel Webshop.

Space only

No cleaning is included in your space only stands. You can book additional cleaning from the venue by contacting:

Cleaning Services @ ExCeL - T: +44 (0) 207 063 4400 / Email: cleaningservices@excel.london

It is also your responsibility to ensure that either you or your contractor removes all rubbish, building materials, carpets and floor coverings from your stand area and the venue at the end of the breakdown. These must not be dumped or disposed of in the hall or any other part of the venue. Any charges incurred, due to items being abandoned will be passed directly onto you.

Order online :ExCel Webshop.

Advanced Rate Deadline: 5th January 2024 (Normal rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)



Please be aware that the electrics included in your package is only suitable for normal domestic tools and appliances e.g. laptop and mobile chargers, kettles, plasma screens. Fridges, coffee, ice-cream and slushie machines, multiple plasma screens, appliances and lights will require additional power. If additional power is not ordered, you may lose power to your stand as it will overload the circuit.

All additional electrical work on stands must be ordered through GES. All orders can be placed online here.

Advanced Rate Deadline:- 8th January 2024 (Normal rates/ on-sites rates will be applied after this date)



As London’s leading Exhibition Florist, Oldacre have been providing the very best in Event Flowers for over 30 years. With a dedicated design team based at the Excel Centre we bring a world of exceptional flowers and plants. Contact details below:

T: +44 (0)20 7069 4235/ M: +44 (0)7785 266 541

Email: info@oldacre.co.uk

Website: www.oldacre.co.uk

Deadline: 24th January 2024 (Order before this rate to get a 15% Discount on your order)


Our confirmed official furniture supplier for iGB Affiliate London 2024 is Concept Furniture.

Feel free to order any furniture from them on their website conceptfuniture.co.uk

Use the special discount code "FREETRAN" to get the transportation fee removed from your quote! Order Now!


All exhibition stands will have Wi-Fi access as part of their stand package. Log in details will be available at the show.

We have invested heavily in the complimentary Wi-Fi network included in your stand package and this should be more than sufficient for your needs e.g. software demonstrations, browsing the internet, uploading photos, checking emails etc. As a result, the use of your own wireless routers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN as this causes interference with this network.

Any established wireless networks found to interfere with the show Wi-Fi will be switched off by the organiser’s.

If you are interested in ordering wired internet for your stand order online via ExCel Webshop.

Advanced rate deadline: 5th January 2024 (Normal Rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)


Logistics/ Shipping

DSV Fairs and Events have been appointed as the official freight, customs and onsite handling contractor for the iGB Affiliate London 2024. They provide specialised freight forwarding services and transportation arrangements for exhibit materials, including on-forwarding after the event. Their aim is to ensure that you and your show teams receive the very best freight and handling assistance in the run up to, during and after the event.

To receive further information about delivery and shipping options please contact:

Carla Cook - T: +44 (0)121 780 2627 / M: + 44 (0)7730 400493 / carla.cook@dsv.com

Advanced warehouse deliveries

If you are sending deliveries before the show, we recommend sending them directly to the DSV Fairs and Events warehouse. These can be received up until Friday 2nd February 2024. 

Please follow the instructions and use the delivery labels provided by DSV , there are specific coded labels depending on what your shipment is. Please ensure you also complete the exhibition handling form for every delivery.


Direct deliveries to venue

Deliveries to the venue can only be accepted from Sunday 4th February 2024 to and including the last day of build up until 18:00hrs on Tuesday 6th February 2024. Please note any deliveries received outside of these dates may be held by the venue shipping agent and any charges for this service will need to be settled between the exhibitor and agent only. 

For delivery labels, please contact carla.cook@dsv.com. There are specific coded labels depending on what your shipment is. Please ensure the labels are completed in full and affixed to all shipping so the label is clearly visible on arrival.  Please ensure you also complete the exhibition handling form for every delivery.

Any exhibitors requiring assistance with customs clearance should pre advise shipment details on goods departure to avoid delays. Shipments sent by courier outside of the UK must be sent pre customs cleared and Duty / VAT pre paid. All shippers from outside of the UK must apply for a UK EORI number online prior to sending a courier shipment. Clarion Gaming cannot take responsibility for any items held in customs.

Address: iGB Affiliate London 2024, ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1XL.



We highly recommend that valuables, particularly of a portable nature are not left unattended at any time on your stand e.g. laptops, mobile phones, handbags. Please ensure these are taken with you when you leave the venue each day.

Access for collection of materials from 19:00 on Thursday 8th February 2023. The venue tenancy ends at 20:00 onFriday 9th February 2023, so please ensure all your shipping is collected within these times.

If you have a courier company collecting your goods at the end of the show, please check their evening operating times before booking this with them to ensure that they are able to collect after the show has closed. There is unfortunately no overnight storage facility and the organiser cannot be held responsible for items left in the hall at any time.

Please label your boxes clearly with your stand number and company name. Some couriers arrive after the dismantling of the shell scheme has commenced and often have difficulty locating your stand, as there are no longer stand numbers in position to direct them. Please also include your mobile number on this label in case there is a problem and the courier can get hold of you.

Any exhibitors requiring overnight / post show storage facilities would need to contact DSV directly.


Courier Deliveries

If you have a courier delivering the goods to the venue, please ensure that you are on site to receive the goods on your stand. The organiser is not responsible for any goods which arrive/depart onsite.

We would recommend using DSV, our official freight supplier.

Address: iGB Affiliate London 2024, ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1XL.

Piped Services

There are no permanent facilities for water and waste, compressed air or natural gas supplies in the hall. Exhibitors wishing to have a temporary supply on their stand will need to contact ExCeL London venue services on:

ExCeL London Venue Services - T: +44 (0)20 7069 4648 / E: pipedservices@excel.london

You can order online at : ExCel Webshop.

Advanced rate deadline: 5th January 2024 (Normal rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)

NB: There are certain rules and regulations that govern the use of gas within exhibition halls. Please ensure you contact piped services if you plan to have gas on your stand.


Promotional Hanging Banners

The cost to exhibitors for the opportunity: £2,461 per banner (excluding production and hanging/rigging costs). The dimensions for the banner must not exceed the stand size. The cost of the hanging banner may have been included within you stand package, you can check if this is the case by contacting your sales account manager.

Promotional Hanging banner (included in your stand package/ sponsorship)

It may be possible for banners and trusses to be rigged above the stands. However, please check with Katy Leslie when placing your order as there may be some height restrictions. All banners and trusses must be hung at a height of 8 meters from floor to the top of the banner. The banner needs to be printed on all sides. If a vinyl banner is being produced, please ensure it is produced in line with the venue requirements. Please note that poles must be brought with the banners and that the venue and iGB cannot supply these.  Unless otherwise agreed with Katy Leslie, all hanging banners are to be hung above a stand and are to not exceed the stand size.

Stand Support/ Lighting Rigging

For health and safety reasons, ExCeL Rigging are the sole riggers allowed to attach to the fabric of the building.

Exhibitors wishing to carry out their own hoist and fix after ExCeL Rigging have installed the suspension point are responsible for meeting the legal requirement of the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). It is essential that stand contractors performing hoist and fix operations must complete risk assessments, method statements and be competent to undertake such activity. Please ensure that you complete a “Hoist & Fix” form supplied with your rigging quote if you are undertaking your own rigging and are attaching to ExCeL’s installed points. Equipment that is to be suspended must be suitable and sufficient, structurally sound, fit for purpose, not in excess of the Safe Working Limit of the anchorage point and comply with LOLER. It must also be "flown” using approved rigging techniques. ExCeL London are not responsible for the integrity of any hoist and fix performed by third party. ExCeL London and the Organisers reserve the right to refuse any "flown" equipment that is in breach of the legislation or rigged incorrectly.

All Exhibitors carrying out their own rigging must complete and sign the Secondary HOIST AND FIX Rigging Form.

ExCeL Rigging are able to supply the full range of rigging equipment from motors & control; to 6mm drop wires and would be happy to advise on or discuss your rigging requirements. When ordering suspension equipment, it is a legal requirement under LOLER to provide ExCeL Rigging with a plan, accurately showing the following:

  • The suspension point locations, and their orientation in relation to the building and the event
  • The weight of each point
  • The "hook" height required
  • The date of the lifting operation
  • The date of the lifting operation

For an additional charge, ExCeL Rigging will perform the hoist and fix providing this information is available. Failure to supply this information may result in ExCeL London and the Organisers refusing to allow the equipment to be flown. Please note there is a cut-off date for rigging orders after which ExCeL Rigging reserve the right to refuse late orders, and/or impose a late-order surcharge.

For health and safety reasons, ExCeL Rigging are the sole riggers allowed to attach to the fabric of the building.

For all rigging enquiries, please email rigging@excel.london  with a full plan of your rigging requirements.

Advanced rate deadline: Friday 5th January 2024 (Normal rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)

Signage/ Graphics

We are thrilled to announce that GES has been appointed as our official signage and graphics production partner. GES has been a trusted supplier for iGB Affiliate London, providing exceptional products and services for a considerable time. Their expertise in signage and graphics production is second to none, making them the perfect choice to elevate our branding and promotional efforts. With GES as our main supplier, you can easily access a wide range of exhibition signage solutions, tailored to our unique needs. Their ability to deliver high-quality signage for various purposes ensures that we can make a lasting impression at every event and exhibition, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. 

To order your signage and graphics needs please contact GES at iGBaffiliatelondon@ges.com

You can also order through their online portal here

Advanced Rate Deadline:- 8th January 2024 (Normal rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)

Waste Disposal

Plan ahead and pre-order a waste disposal service for building materials and general rubbish that you may be unable to take away from site in your vehicle. Please remember that any waste left on site will incur a surcharge for removal. Go to www.excel.london/webshop or contact exhibitororders@excel.london to book waste disposal services.


Advanced rate deadline: 5th January 2024 (Normal rates/on-site rates will be applied after this date)