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21-22 JANUARY 2025

Stand Design Guide

Stand Design Guide

What is Included in a Space Only Package?

What does it look like/ what’s included?

Space only stands are just that. No walling or stand fittings will be provided and the exhibitor is responsible for organising all of this at their own cost. The design of your stand is their responsibility and must be such that it can be erected and dismantled within the time available; please refer to the exhibition timetable for the build-up and breakdown schedule. When you arrive on-site the area of the stand will be marked out on the venue floor. It is your responsibility to ensure that the stand is built to the correct floor markings. If you are unsure of these please contact the organiser’s office before commencing build.

Please Note New to 2024 - Space Only Stands will not have any electrics. Please order electrics for you stand with GES on their online portal here.

It is the responsibility of every exhibitor and their appointed stand contractors to remove and dispose of their waste appropriately. Any waste left by contractors or exhibitors will be charged to the exhibitor after the event.

If you require additional cleaning and/or waste removal services, ExCeL Event Services is the official and sole supplier for cleaning and waste removal. For enquiries, please contact:

Email: exhibitororders@excel.london
Tel: +44 (0)20 7069 4400
 Webshop: excel.london/webshop

Recommended Stand Builders: Expose Designs

Please find listings below of our preferred stand contractors. We highly suggest using one of our recommended suppliers as they are well versed with our shows and will ensure a smooth exhibition for you Each offer different types of stand builds but they have worked on the events previously and are well regarded suppliers.

Expose Designs

Recommended Stand Builders: Symbiosis

Please find listings below of our preferred stand contractors. We highly suggest using one of our recommended suppliers as they are well versed with our shows and will ensure a smooth exhibition for you Each offer different types of stand builds but they have worked on the events previously and are well regarded suppliers.


Appointed Health and Safety Officer

At iGB Affiliate it is now compulsory that each complex space only stand declare a competent person who is responsible for overall safety during the build and breakdown of their stand. These individuals will be deemed ‘safety officers’ and will be responsible for ensuring safe working practices are being adhered to. It is a further requirement that your assigned safety officer is onsite and contactable at your stand location for the duration of the build and breakdown of your stand. In the event the organiser or their appointed health and safety/floor management teams needs to liaise with your safety officer onsite and they are absent, all worked will be stopped until their return. Repeated incidences of absence can lead to your entire stand crew being dismissed from site. Your stand safety officer will be required to speak English.

Exhibitors will need to declare the name and contact details of their stand’s safety officer via the health and safety declaration form ASAP.

Submission Process

All space only stands have a legal obligation to build the stand to the required standards of the venue and local authority. To ensure that you are building your stand to the correct regulations, professional scale drawings showing all proposed construction must be submitted and approved; photographs and faxed copies cannot be accepted.

The design of your stand must be such that it can be erected and dismantled within the time available. A method statement for the construction process must accompany these plans along with a risk assessment and health and safety declaration. The Organiser reserves the right not to allow the build of your stand to begin if plans have not been submitted and approved prior to the show.

If you have a space only stand, please send a complete set of your plans (which include all measurements), method statement and risk assessment to iGBstandplans@clariongaming.com these will be passed to the event floor manager Alan Hazelhurst (alan.hazelhurst@onsiteexhibitions.co.uk) for clearance and once permission has been granted a letter of approval will be provided.

Detailed below are the requirements regarding the submission of plans:

  • Completed Stand Design Inspection Form
  • Include all dimensions
  • Detail all building materials to be used
  • Show a ground plan and an elevation drawing
  • Any inflatable’s must be included on the plans
  • Details must prove the structural stability
  • Approval for a stand from a previous show will not be accepted as proof of approval and plans must be re-submitted for every show
  • Approval must not be assumed until written approval is received from the Floor Manager, Alan Hazelhurst.
  • When written approval has been received for the original design, no alteration may be made without the approval of the Floor Manager, Alan Hazelhurst.
  • All plans, calculations and documentations must be in English and should clearly state the exhibiting companies name, stand number and the contact name and company of the contractor responsible for the stand
  • A stand plan approval form, method statement, risk assessment and health and safety declaration must be submitted with the plans. You may choose not to use the forms provided in this manual and use your own templates instead.


Any non-complex Design proposal must be inspected pre-event by an independent structural engineer, visually inspected onsite and a certificate to commence build must be issued, the cost for these inspections is to £75.00 +VAT and has already been included in the exhibitors contract.


A complex structure can be described as any of the following:

  • Multi Storey Stands (double deckers)
  • Any part of a Stand or Exhibit that exceeds 4m in height (Inclusive of Platform / Raised Floor Installation) 
  • Suspended Structures /Lighting Rigs
  • Sound /Lighting Towers
  • Tiered Seating
  • Platforms and OR Stages of 600mm and above or those which are for public use

Any complex design proposal must be approved pre-event by an independent structural engineer and a certificate to commence build must be issued, there is a cost for these inspections. Please note this cost is PER inspection. Details of costs can be found in the stand design inspection form.

You will need to supply the same paperwork as a non-complex structure (see above) but for a complex structure you will also need to submit structural calculations, dimensions of the risers and going to rise as well as handrail dimensional plans to iGBstandplans@clariongaming.com. These will be passed to the Event floor manager Alan Hazelhurst (contact details can be found on the suppliers list) for clearance and a letter of approval once permission is granted will be provided.

Structures deemed COMPLEX need to submit Structural Calculations at the time of submitting plans and supporting documentation. Plans and supporting documentation must be submitted by the deadline date above. Failure to submit by the date will result in a penalty charge being applied unless authorised by Katy Leslie.

Design Regulations

  • All electrical works must be carried out by the official contractor; GES.
  • The space only stand construction height limit is restricted to 4m. If you would like to build over 4m it may be possible to do so, however you will need to get permission from Katy Leslie on katy.leslie@clarionevents.com
  • Some perimeter stands may build a back wall higher than 4m. However, in these circumstances only one wall may be built above 4m, for the rest of the build the maximum height for all stand fittings is 4m.
  • Solid runs of walling along open perimeters are not permitted where this causes neighbor stands being visually blocked off from the rest of the exhibition.
  • Any requests for double deck stands must be submitted to Katy Leslie for approval. Double decker stands will not be permitted to build unless prior authorisation by Clarion Gaming has been granted and that all stand plans are submitted least 8 weeks in advance of the event. Permission for build of double decker stands will depend on location and build restrictions with the stand space. A 50% space cost will apply to all permitted double decker stands.  Any double decker stands plans submitted after the date of 11TH DECEMBER may be rejected by Clarion Gaming, please contact Katy Leslie for further information.
  • Dividing walls must be built between your stand and adjoining stands, extending to the boundaries of your stand. These walls should be to a maximum height of 4m and a minimum height of 2.5m.
  • You must supply walling to your own stand and not use the back walls provided by other stands, whether they are space only stands or shell scheme stands.
  • All stand construction must be completely self-supporting and no fittings or painting may be made to any part of the venue structure.
  • When backing onto another stand, the reverse side of any exposed back wall must be suitably clad, decorated a neutral colour and neatly finished from height to 2.5m.
  • When standing alone, the reverse side of any exposed back wall must be suitably clad, decorated a neutral colour and neatly finished from height to floor level.
  • Ceilings/ tops of stands must also be suitably clad and fully finished.
  • For all island stands only up to 50% of any open side of stands are permitted to have an outside wall. As the rule is to ensure visibility, handrails up to 1.1m height are considered ‘open’
  • All cladding of columns must be self-supporting and access must be made available to any services on these columns.
  • No part of the stand construction, including rotating signs, or any exhibits may protrude into the gangways or over neighboring stands.
  • No item of display may project over the perimeter of the stand into the gangways.
  • All stand construction and displays must be made from fireproof materials and installed to the satisfaction of the authorities.
  • All lockable doors to store rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, etc must have a vision panel in case of emergency.
  • All rooms (kitchens, store rooms, meeting rooms) that are deemed enclosed and are 15sqm or larger installed on a stand must have an installed smoke detector with a sounder element.
  • Doors may not open onto gangways.
  • Any proposed rigging element must be flown at the heights permitted and pre-approval from Katy Leslie in the first instance must be sought
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) gives disabled person’s rights to access to goods, facilities and services. You have a duty to ensure that all persons have access to your stand. All stands must be accessible to visitors using wheelchairs.
  • Platforms must be of a sufficient strength and stability to carry and distribute the weight of stand fittings and exhibits with regards to the loading limits of the venue floor.
  • Any stand incorporating a platform or raised floor that exceeds 120mm in height, must incorporate an access ramp with the inclusion of handrails fitted either side. Platforms/ Raised floors up to 120mm are not required to install a ramp provided there is someone available on the stand space to assist a wheelchair dependent visitor. For any mobility scooter dependent visitors, we have disposal temporary ramps which can be sited temporarily in the aisle area to aide access/ egress. When installing a RAMP - consideration must be given to the user, ensuring the design allows for a 1.5mtr turning circle at the head of the ramp, ensuring the gradient meets compliance with regulatory compliance and is of a contrasting colour to the landing area. Access ramps must have a dimensional width of 1200mm and be of a non-slip covering on the gradient. Please consider any such installation carefully as the Equality Act 2010 also includes other less able bodied persons such as those with any partial impairment.
  • Open corners of stand floors and platforms should be splayed, rounded and angled, if not protected by heavy exhibits, to avoid sharp corners and tripping hazards.
  • The means of escape from a single tiered stand must not be greater than 10m and must give an uninterrupted path to safety.
  • The means of escape from a double decker stand must not be greater than 20m from one stair well to the furthest point. Stands that serve alcohol must not have a means of escape greater than 15m from the furthest point on an upper tier to stairwell. Areas exceeding this must incorporate a second staircase.
  • Professional scale drawings showing all proposed constructional details must be submitted and approved prior to the build-up of the show.
  • A method statement, risk assessment and health and safety declaration must be submitted with your stand drawings.
  • Any presentations / demonstrations likely to interest large groups of visitors must be located towards the center of the stand and clearly shown on stand drawings.
  • The design of your stand must be such that it can be erected and dismantled within the time available.
  • If you intend to do construction work onsite, please be considerate to others. Please do not off-load, work or paint in other peoples’ stand areas as this can be a source of irritation to fellow exhibitors arriving to set up their stand.
  • It is advisable to display your stand number clearly on the stand.
  • Exhibitors are able to hire promotional staff however wheeled appliances to include roller skates or anything that enhances motion is not permitted to be used, this include cycles or similar. Exceptions are issued to those medically dependent.
  • You are responsible for the actions of any contractor you employ to work for you and will be held responsible for misconduct by them. Any damage caused by your contractors will be charged directly back to you.
  • All pop up stands will be considered space only and such regulations apply unless a shell scheme package is purchased
  • All space only sites are subject to a sign off when constructed and then clearance upon dismantling - failure to carry out this may result in a penalty charge being levied.  
  • Electrical Discharge Lamp installations: Discharge tube signs or lamp installations used as illuminated units on stands, or as part of an exhibit, whether of high or low voltage operations, shall be regarded as high voltage for the purpose of these regulations, and conform to the following conditions:
  • Location – The sign or lamp exhibit shall be installed out of reach of or shall be adequately protected from the public
  • Installation – The fascia or stand fitting material behind luminous signs of this nature shall be of noncombustible material and protected as required by BS7671 (IEC64)
  • High Voltage Gear – High voltage gear shall be mounted on non-combustible material and protected as required by BS7671 (IEC64)
  • Fireman’s Switch - A separate electric circuit must be used to supply such signs or lamp exhibits, and shall be controlled by an approved pattern “Fireman’s emergency switch” located in an accessible and visible position and labelled “Fireman’s Switch” in a visible position in accordance with the Authority’s requirements.

Approval - The venue shall be advised by persons responsible for installing this type of apparatus of their proposals prior to installation on-site. No installation of this type will be permitted unless approved by the venue in writing.

A full breakdown of stand regulations can be found on the e-guide.