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09 Jan 2023



NetRefer’s Affiliate Marketing Platform is a Cloud-Based ecosystem of solutions that covers the entire Affiliate Marketing life cycle. We empower Heads of Affiliates, Marketing and Finance, as well as Affiliate Marketeers, with total control, knowledge and vision. Our platform helps establish a strong relationship between Operators and their Affiliates – one that is Clear. Fair. Trusted. 

The Company is coming off an incredible year of success.

In 2022:

  • We successfully completed ‘Lift & Shift’ – the total migration of our platform to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. This provides clients with greater Scalability, Stability, Security and Speed.
  • We maximized delivery automation to be able to onboard and Go-Live with new clients within 30 days.
  • We launched the Developer’s Portal to host our new API technology.
  • Presently in limited launch, we released the Affiliate API, ASR 1.0 (Affiliate Standard Report) – a solution that increases transparency and accuracy in reporting between Operators & Affiliates. 


In 2023, NetRefer is set to continue to deliver.

  • We will continue to invest in Microsoft Azure technology by implementing Azure Front Door, to further optimize our edge infrastructure.
  • We will continue to collaborate with Operators and Affiliates alike to fully launch ASR 1.0 to all clients, making NetRefer first-to-market with this affiliate focused API.
  • Currently in development are two new operator focused APIs: The Data Ingestion Module and The Data Presentation Module.

Dexter Cutajar, Chief Strategy Officer, says: “The Data Ingestion API will be the most reliable way to transfer data. Implementing a better integration of our platform, into your system, enabling data streamlining and enhanced process automation. The Data Presentation Module will provide a unique level of insight. Offering real-time reporting that will supply the tools to execute analytics on all data and enable a 360-degree view for our clients. These releases will be game-changing for NetRefer and all its clients and affiliated stakeholders.” He continues, “Data is at the centre of everything we do as a Company.”


Dexter Cutajar, along with the entire Acquisition, Account Management and Business Operation teams, will be attending and exhibiting at iGB London, Stand L-54. Make sure to stop by and find out more about the latest deliverables, and exciting new year milestones.

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