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The Future of the Performance Marketing Platform

04 Feb 2022

The Future of the Performance Marketing Platform

The Future of the Performance Marketing Platform
Mark Scerri Pace - Head Of Product Delivery

Mark brings our discussion to an exciting reveal - what’s in store for the future of NetRefer’s Performance Marketing Platform, and how the developmental steps Product Delivery has been taking are paving the way for that.

There’s talk within NetRefer about a successor to the Performance Marketing Platform. Very briefly, what is that going to look like?

Yes. The first step was going onto the cloud. That means that we can avail ourselves of innovative technologies that are basically going to transform our hosted Performance Marketing Platform into a Performance Marketing Platform as a service to our clients. That will make us much more agile so that we can release new features and create new opportunities faster. And, it’s also going to help us become a platform whereby other partners can integrate on that platform, and then, we’ll have a complete performance marketing ecosystem.

Can you clarify that? How is that so exciting for an existing client of NetRefer? What’s the value-added?

Three main reasons. Firstly, it’s going to become a self-service platform. So, you can create new products, integrate new brands – do whatever you want to do and do it on your own in an automated fashion there and then.

Secondly, we’re going to focus a lot on data. We are first and foremost a data platform. And that means that with the new platform, we’ll be able to offer new analytics and new insights to both our operators and their partners.

Thirdly, we’re going to act as the sum of all integrations, which means that, as a platform, customers can bring on their own products within that ecosystem and integrate them into our platform. And then, they can have a seamless experience in the sense that it’s a lot more efficient than what they currently have today.

In short, customizability, self-service and automation, and even better analytics and reporting. It really sounds like, with this evolution into the cloud of the Performance Marketing Platform, you’re taking your clients into a world with far more scope and opportunity.

Exactly. It’s our next evolutionary step, which is going to solidify NetRefer’s position as a market leader, bringing together partnerships and managing profits and revenue sharing relationships in a clear, fair, and trusted manner.

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