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21-22 JANUARY 2025




Supporting and Mentoring Women in Gaming

iGB ASCEND is a new mentoring initiative aimed at supporting women early on in their gaming careers, will launch at iGB Affiliate London this year.

Through the new programme, experienced members of the gaming industry will provide advice, feedback and guidance to women starting out in the affiliate market.



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A Word from Naomi Barton, Portfolio Director

“Rather than present Ascend as a fait accompli, we felt it important for it not to be a top-down organisation. Instead, we want to use iGB Affiliate London as an opportunity to meet with women in the igaming and affiliate sectors, listen to their experiences and establish the best ways of addressing the issues that are important to them and make best use of our resources as an industry.

To achieve that core objective the launch will feature selected ‘hosts’ who are established in the sector and have experienced the issues and challenges: the hosts will moderate and generate conversation at the tables over and informal lunch around what ASCEND should be aiming to do for women in the industry.” 

Lee-Ann Johnstone, iGB ASCEND Founding Partner

Lee-Ann has been one of the forerunners of affiliate marketing as she entered the industry in early 2000’s when the internet was still new and mobile phones were larger than they are today! Her award winning career has spanned decades managing several  blue chip and start up brands to grow their global reach via affiliate and performance marketing and she has worked across multiple verticals from e-commerce, payments and fintech to esports & igaming.

She’s also the host of the AffiliateINSIDER’s Affiliate Marketing podcast which has charted in the Top 100 Business News podcasts in over 15 countries during 2021 and has been voted as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Women in iGaming (2019), A member of the forbes.com Agency Council (2020) and featured regularly in industry publications such as The Drum, GPWA, IGB Affiliate and Forbes.com

Lee-Ann is a thought leader in the affiliate industry and also the founder of AffiliateINSIDER a boutique agency that specialises in Affiliate Marketing - visit: www.affiliateinsider.com 

Lee-Ann Johnstone

Join our Networking Lunch and Mentoring Session

Clarion Gaming has issued an open invitation to women working in the gaming industry to be part of the launch of iGB ASCEND

The launch will take the form of a networking buffet comprising hosted round tables and will be held on Thursday 8 February at the ICC Capital Suite (15.00 – 16.30). The ASCEND programme will help mentees working across the entire gaming ecosystem to enhance their leadership skills, gain confidence and network with other like-minded women. 

The intention is to create an ASCEND Board of female founder members, supported by an Advisory Board which will help to shape our terms of reference.

Agenda as follows:

Welcome from Naomi Barton, Portfolio Director

Introduction and speech from Lee-Ann Johnstone 

Facilitated networking session with mentoring

Group luncheon


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