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Women in Gaming: Fadeke Akeju

19 Aug 2019

Women in Gaming: Fadeke Akeju

Women in Gaming: Fadeke Akeju

Fadeke Akeju | Founding Partner  WYS Solicitors | Nigeria

What are the biggest opportunities for the advancing African Gaming Industry?

The Africa gaming industry is still in its infancy compared to other jurisdictions which creates an abundance of opportunities. We must understand though that specific opportunities differ from country to country on the continent.

The growing interest and acceptance of gaming in Africa has roused the attention of government in different countries;  the Africa gaming industry is currently undergoing legislative and regulatory review to redefine the terms of engagement as well as ensure legislations and laws are relevant, sufficient and adaptable to change to meet the long-term needs of a constantly evolving industry.

Many African countries are currently confronting the effect of failure to adopt responsible gaming principles and corporate governance in regulatory and operation of gaming business over the years. These adverse effects highlight the need for education and understanding of responsible gaming principles of transparency, accountability, protection of vulnerable and underage persons, responsible advertising, fair returns to player, anti- money laundering practice by all stakeholders- government, operators and players in the industry. Capacity building, training and operational reviews are mandatory requirements for long- term sustainability.


Africa is still in search of suitable technology and software which is a constant challenge for local operators who continue to import and deploy foreign technology platform/ software without adequate customization and localization to suit the peculiarities of the receiving country. Software developers and providers must build gaming technology for Africa which is affordable and purchased in local currency of the respective receiving country.

The concept of omnichannel is largely hinged on deployment across online channels (Web, Mobile and internet dependent retail). A large population of potential African players are not online, gaming operators therefore have to devise better means to make gaming accessible to these potential players who are believed to be in the majority.

Studies in areas of customer preference & appetite also shows appetite and acceptance of new content, games and products in many countries. For instance, live horse racing which had great acceptance in Francophone West Africa is gradually gaining acceptance in Anglophone West Africa.

Opportunity also exist to build African brands in the gaming industry through mergers and acquisition with local operators in multi-countries in Africa.  A few brands are emerging and gradually spreading across Africa successfully. This indicates that local operators will consider partnership to build African brands.

This year’s celebration of Women In Gaming highlights the contributions made by inspirational and motivational women to the gaming ecosystem on the continent of Africa. The women that we are featuring come from all sectors of the industry and nations on an international landscape.

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