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21-22 JANUARY 2025

2024 Agenda

2024 Agenda

Conference Programme 2024

iGB Affiliate will provide YOU everything you need to grow your online business, navigate through regulations and drive new revenue for 2024 and beyond. 

07 Feb 2024
  1. DeepCI reviews more than 100 million global igaming pages every week, so you don’t have to. Join Lewis Civin, co-founder and CEO of DeepCI, a unique affiliate intelligence platform for the igaming industry, as he takes you on a data-driven journey of what’s hot - and what’s not - with never-before-seen before data and easy to apply strategies that you can immediately action to optimise your brands.
  2. Experienced affiliates from ad-ban markets such as The Netherlands & Italy will delve into alternative marketing channels, emphasizing organic strategies, influencer collaborations and diversifying traffic sources in order to build a resilient brand.

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  4. Attracting, retaining, and motivating top talent to build a thriving business that can navigate the ever-changing landscape of the iGaming industry

  5. Join ex-Google engineer Fili to learn everything you need to know about robots.txt. You will walk away from this session with unique insights, practical and technical hands-on tips, ideas, strategy considerations, options and tactics on how to take maximum advantage of robots.txt for your website.
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  7. Two regions, seeing huge growth and potential will be discussed by our regional experts. With a focus on cultural nuances, how to tailor a market approach using region specific SEO strategies to building partnerships with local influencers.
  8. With this year’s iGB Affiliate Awards attracting a record volume of submissions, competition to reach the shortlist and garner recognition has never been more intense. So what steps should you take to ensure your nomination for the 2025 edition ticks all the boxes and achieves the maximum cut-through with the judges? Find out by joining this interactive workshop-style session with our judges who will be on hand to provide advice and answer all your questions.  
08 Feb 2024
  1. A comprehensive guide on scaling your gaming affiliate business. Explore how to boost traffic, stay ahead of iGaming trends, receive top tips for successful expansion, and prepare your business for investment. Whether you are a start-up or and established affiliate, ask our expert panel about how to reach new business heights.
  2. Every so often there's a massive algorithm shift that causes a stir around the SEO world and the HCU was one of those. While most algorithms are built to reward competence and capability, every so often an update comes along with a punitive element designed to demote poor quality content. Martin McGarry a 20-year SEO expert, will unpack Google's latest Helpful Content Update in plain-talking terms we can all understand. No tricks, no science - just no-nonsense, helpful SEO.

  3. Our panel of experts will help you find the sweet spot between Leveraging AI for marketing and content efficiency whilst steering clear of google ranking damage. Learn how to maintain SEO compliance whilst maximizing AI for affiliate marketing 
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  5. Understanding the AI big picture is fundamental for affiliates, and its moving at quite a rate. This panel session will help you discover innovative approaches to enhanced visibility, user engagement and overall customer experience, as well as how to position your organization at the forefront of AI macro changes.